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Clean Energy, Fuels and Power                    

An environmental energy and eco development group - providing alternative fuels,
hydrogen and new energy generation solutions to industries and the utility, mobility
and power intensive sectors
HydroGen leverages an empowering combination of sector talent, skilled engineers and technological resources to deliver both added value and "Triple Bottom Line Savings" to local / regional authorities and our industrial and commercial clients


A systems and solutions developer - We focus on the development, integration and deployment of innovative clean fuel and power delivery technologies - HydroGen works with our JV (Joint Venture) and innovation partners on an International level to design and supply advanced solutions; customized systems and facilities for industry, communities and sustainable developments - mobility infrastructure and utility scale projects

HydroGen offers hydrogen on site, new and renewable energy, microgrid, off grid and mobility asset development services - high performance solutions - sustainable by design. The HydroGen teams provide professional services throughout the complete life cycle of the asset starting from initial surveys and concept planning through to project management and delivery. The same underlying philosophy applies to all of HydroGen's and their H2 World projects - to work closely with the client, our partners and other team members to develop the most creative high quality system; solution or facility

A H2 World Technologies and Solutions Company (and Joint Venture) : HydroGen utilises a collaborative innovation and eco development strategy to bring together the partners and expertise to integrate reliable, proven technologies and systems, whilst establishing the synergies to commercialize, market and distribute new

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H2 World is part of The HydroGen Group - HydroGen's marks and brands incorporate our H2 World Joint Ventures : H2 UAE, H2 China and H2 EU

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